Exam - (1st Appointment)

There is no charge for orthodontic examination appointments. We provide this complimentary service as a benefit to our community and referring dentists. The appointment is very informative and can take from 1/2 - 1 hour, depending on your questions.

Call our office for an appointment or send an email to request one.

You can download a Medical Questionnaire and a General Information Form. These should be filled out completely in the convenience of your home. By doing this we can maximize your time during the actual examination appointment.

A typical examination involves:

  • Review of your completed forms.
  • Photographs of your teeth & profile.
  • Discussion of your concerns & expectations.
  • Comprehensive examination by Dr. Vodzak.
  • Presentation of initial findings & possible treatment plans.
  • Opportunity to examine actual Invisaligners & braces.
  • Explanation of fees and payment options.
  • Explanation of insurance coverage.
  • Scheduling of any needed follow-up appointments.

Dr. Vodzak formulates a treatment plan designed specifically for your orthodontic care and can usually be presented at your first appointment.

All fees are discussed in advance before any treatment is started.

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