Surgery - (MaxilloFacial / Orthognathic)

Invisaligners or braces can make a big difference in your appearance. However aligning your teeth in combination with surgery can often produce incredibly dramatic changes that you would not think possible!

MaxilloFacial Orthognathic Surgery:
This type of surgery is usually done by a specialized Dental Surgeon. Sometimes procedures are also done by a Plastic Surgeon, Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon or Head & Neck Surgeon. The actual surgical procedure is usually done in the middle of the orthodontic treatment while the braces or aligners are still on. Therefore it is imperative that the orthodontist and surgeon work together throughout the treatment.

The surgical procedure is usually done in the hospital under general anesthesia (you are put to sleep).

Key Benefits

  • Significant facial changes can be made.
  • Orthodontic correction of the teeth can be made more stable.
  • Can sometimes avoid the necessity of wearing headgear or other devices.
  • Can sometimes eliminate the need to extract teeth.

Facial Changes Possible

  • Make a small chin or jaw more prominent.
  • Make a large chin or jaw less prominent.
  • Reduce a "gummy " looking smile.
  • Allow you to show more teeth when smiling.
  • Reduce or increase the overall length of the face.
  • Correct dental crossbites.
  • Correct dental openbites.
  • Replace missing teeth with implants.
  • Combinations of several changes at the same time.

Key Negatives

  • General anesthesia has inherent risks.(The surgeon would explain in detail).
  • Surgery has potential side effects. (The surgeon would explain in detail).
  • The procedure is usually very expensive.

Although the cost of a surgical procedure can be very expensive it is sometimes covered under your MEDICAL INSURANCE. This can be researched by our office before any treatment begins.

Dr. Vodzak can show you drawings of how YOUR face could look using various surgical procedures. Many options are usually discussed to obtain the look you want.

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